Tired of eating unhealthy meals all the time?

You know you SHOULD be eating healthy, but you just don't have time

Take-out is so convenient, but you end up feeling like garbage after eating it, not to mention that the cost adds up quickly!

So what about these Sunday Meal Preps everyone's talking about? You know, where you cook all your meals for the week in one shot...

The end result SEEMS practical, but honestly, do you have a whole day to spend in the kitchen?

Me neither! 

And I don’t, thanks to my time-optimized weekly meal prep process!

Introducing the...

7 Day Meal Prep Challenge

Learn how to EFFICIENTLY cook your meals for the week in one shot!

YES! I want to become a pro at weekly meal preps!

The whole Sunday Meal Prep process, broken down into QUICK and EASY steps!

  • One step per day
  • 7 days to become a pro!
  • Delivered entirely by email - no memberships, no passwords to remember, no hassle!

Just think… In a week from now, you could be comfortably doing ALL your healthy cooking on Sunday morning AND still have the rest of the day to do what you want!

YES! I want to eat healthy AND get my evenings back!

Christina Najjar, RHN

Christina Najjar, RHN

The first year I lived on my own, my diet consisted of ramen noodles, KD, and stale bread. It didn't take long for me to realise that eating unhealthy can create health problems and worsen existing ones.

When I started cooking healthy meals, I felt like I was wasting my entire life in the kitchen. That is, until I started doing Sunday Meal Preps. Years later, I've tweaked every last part of the process to make it as quick as possible.

Time shouldn't be what stops you from being healthy. That's why I want to share my Sunday Meal Prep process with you!